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The two strands of Noro looks nice together, I'll have to try that.


very nice scarf colors. beautiful cat, too :)


that may be the cutest cat pose ever on a blog! noro stripes -simple and brilliant. its fun to strand them, too. as for what next to felt, i got lucky once felting a kureyon hat, and sounds like you have a bit more of this yarn on hand. don't remember you as a hat person tho. when i go to moebius knitting camp i will pick up cat bordhi's 2nd treasury of magical knitting, and from the pictures seems like felting is a big part of that...felted bowls. some pics here


Kitty Licious! Kitty Yum! I thought you were making a whole kitty igloo but I'm sure Uma appreciates your efforts. Actually, I'm sure she doesn't as she is Uma Fatness Kitty. How about one for the Zip Dog now?

General Ginger

Groovy scarf Max! I remember that tray that Uma declared as hers. It does indeed have a lovely design that is permanently obsured by her royal highness. Cat bed looks tres comfy.


I absolutely love that noro scarf. I have been dieing to get some noro kureyon but it's a bit above my budget right now :(


Nice cat!
It reminded me of the cat I used to have. I miss it so much...
By the way, nice kitchen too.


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