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It will soon be over.You will survive,and you'll be so glad you had it done.
Stay calm and keep knitting.



One of your best posts yet~"I needed to be near my people!" See, you sound Southern now after all these years (now if we could only shake you of your Midwestern "sensibility," aka rude comments, when one is shopping!) Has Uma shut up yet? Does she ever? When is your interview? I need more info! Love, Me


The end is worth the trip...or something like that


I can relate. In my quest for a modern kitchen we gutted a bedroom to the studs.
I know what you are going to ask and yes, the old kitchen is on the way to becoming a bedroom!

~Tigrelily, a beginner knitter and librarian


Oh my goodness! I love that you ran to the library. I would have done the same thing. Library or bookstore;-) Hung by Friday. Yeah, that would be TODAY! LOL Hang in there and enjoy the take-out food!


Wow, you just described MY kitchen exactly! The flecked countertops, the Forest green linoleum tiles... Ah, but lucky you, you get a new kitchen this weekend!


I can relate. We gutted 75% of the house we live in. The kitchen re-do was the most rewarding part. Enjoy!


Oh my. I can see why the gutting! I hate kitchens, and that one would have made me catatonic! Just keep heading for the library, and it will all be ok in the end. That's been my mantra lately, anyway. :) Repeat with me....It will all be ok in the end. It will all be ok in the end.

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