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What a lot of gorgeous yarn ! I'm rather pleased that you now live where you can wear wool often.
Thanks for the Folly e-mail.It is gorgeous,and I've finally found the yarn and colour I feel will do the pattern justice.I had bought a load of Rowan's Yorkshire Tweed for it.Beautiful stuff,but a bit dull for Folly.I'll be starting it when I finish one of my current big projects.
Do you have patterns in mind ?


I'm liking the "new" typepad - especially the spell check and the fact that you can resize photos right on screen. I'm still having problems getting the graphics to show up on my web-ring buttons. Sometime some work but others don't. I feel clueless.


The Hell? Who exactly will be wearing that vest? And don't tell me M. I can just see it now....beautiful yarn though.


I can see why you bought all the colors. Who could choose just one.


Wow, nice yarn stash. That will keep you busy for awhile. Can't wait to see the sweaters. It sounds like your happy with the Peace Fleece yarns. I'm thinking about ordering some and was wondering what your opinion is of them. I'm thinking about ordering their sample card. So far have all the yarns you have gotten been somewhat the same in texture? Are they soft? Sorry so many questions. : )


Hey, Max. Thanks for the note about the house garbage. That Peace Fleece looks fantastic. :)


I have GOT to use that peace fleece someday. It sounds wonderful, and I didn't know about the blooming...


I got some Peace Fleece at a sheep and wool festival. Assorted colors. I would love to start knitting with them, but I'm not sure what to make with it. The colors don't really go together, so it will have to be a one skein project. Or buy more colors to match those that I already have. To date, I've only knit a swatch with it.

By the way, I have a question for you knitters out there. This might be weird one.. But..

Do you ever feel bad about breaking into a new skein of yarn? I mean, do you go through a period of grief when you start tearing off the label and begin winding, thinking "this better be the right project for this yarn... or else, I'm going to cry"

Am I crazy? Insane?

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