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Why don't you....formulate a plan of galleries for us to visit? Knit me a little scarf or two? I'm thinking some shade of green or coral...what do you think of the poncho craze? I like them but am resisting them on the grounds that everyone else has them as well. Maybe something between a shrug, a shawl and a poncho. We'll see. I love Annapolis but why were you there? Looking forward to our visit. Love, A.


don't see any silk garden or the new 'no-purls' scarves among those projects. and doesn't it feel way too long since any felting happened? xo


That WIP pile is so exciting looking, though. It's ready to go out and partay! :)


So did you decide to continue in the li-berry? or do something health-related? I used to be a children's librarian/storyteller. Always thought cataloging wold make me crazy. Went (well, almost) crazy after husband decided my best friend was more interesting than me, and became a clinical social worker! Beautiful projects. I am tired of living in Texas!

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