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we are feeling sad here thinking of school vacation days being over (tho we may get snow day off tomorrow) if i remember rightly your vacation lasts a bit longer.

after several false starts i think i have good starts on my #2 & 3.

i'd like photo of your #1 with you in it.


this one needs to be in my size~looks gorgeous already. Is that blue and white?


The color of this one is fantastic! Once I finish something, I need to start a top-down sweater like this. It looks like so much fun.

I don't know the two-hand color technique you mentioned. What is it?


Hi there, you just commented at my blog the other day, and now i'm linking to yours in my knitting typelist.... i'm a new knitter, and a new-ish catalog librarian, and i wonder, what is it about librarians and knitting? we're all over the place!


Oh man! I drop out of the blogsphere for a little while, and come back to find you've been knitting up a STORM! I can't believe you're already onto your SECOND Astrid!


What a lovely dog you have! Reminds me of my own late dog who was a wonderful four-legged friend, now gone to the happy hunting ground.


i am so over astrid 2~new post, The Princess:)

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