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October 10, 2005


Terri Tychan, Sandy McGuigan, and Helen Scott

What a wonderful man. We will miss him terribly. We are thinking of you all and most definitely will toast Max with my favorite drink.
Love to you all.
Terri, Sandy and Helen
Max's Medical Staff Office Angels.

Bonnie (Boy George Girl)

Mike and JoAnn, Thanks for letting us know. I hope that he wasn't in much pain. I'm so sorry that you all are, though. My prayers are with you. You guys have been so wonderful for him. Here's a cyberhug for you.

I am grateful that I ever knew Max. As I told him before, there was a brightness about him. God's Light really did shine through him. Now Max will be closer to the Light than ever. (And with a margarita, which is my favorite drink too. Hiccup!)


I am heartbroken at the loss of my friend Max. He will be missed terribly but I am comforted in knowing he is no longer in pain and he had so much love around him through his transition. God bless him. Jane Velarde


Mike and JoAnn...Thank you for sharing this with us and for sharing Max. He will be sorely missed but I will carry his smile and laughter in my heart. God bless the two of you for being at his side through this and I think we are all comforted knowing he is no longer in pain. May he and his Dad enjoy a Margarita for all of us.
God bless you both and thank you for looking after such a dear, dear friend....And God bless his Medical Office Staff Angels...He truly loved you all...Kathy

Cynthia Kahn

While it is comforting to know that Max is no longer dealing with pain and medications and hospitals, I am saddened to learn of his loss. My prayers are certainly added to those of and for his family and friends. He truly made a difference in other people's lives.....Cynthia


While I did not know Max in person, I enjoyed reading his knitting blog and then, of course, followed him here. It was very thoughtful of him to share this blog with us. I will miss him.

Peace to Max and his wonderful family.

Laney Spear

Mike and Joann:

I was saddened to learn of Max's passing. I enjoyed knowing him for a short time many years ago. He was quite a guy! I am glad to know that he isn't suffering or in pain now, but still will note that he is no longer around to cheer us all up.

Know that many of his friends mourn his loss.



Thoughts and prayers to you - he will be missed!

Terry Wilkins

Mike and JoAnn-

Thank you for posting the sad news of Max's passing with us. I have been priveleged to be Max's friend for almost 10 years, when he approached me after the first day of his orientation at nursing school and asked me "Where in Michigan are you from?" and I had not mentioned that I was from MI, but he told me he could tell by my "accent". I will treasue the last time I got to see Max, this past March when I took a trip to DC and was able to spend the day with him. He was a great tour guide for me and Clyde. I will also treasure the last phone call from him, just a couple months ago. I know you are both in tremendous pain now, but I pray that you will be comforted by the good times you had with Max and knowing of the many friends, who like myself, loved him and will miss him greatly. Goodbye, friend, rest in peace. I'll see you later--save a Margarita for us to share!
Peace to you, Mike and JoAnn, my prayers are for your comfort.


Mary Ott Hilton

Mike and JoAnn thank you for helping Max keep us up to date. Since you both loved him so much and will continue to as your years link together, take comfort in KNOWING that Max did indeed love both of you. In some time, that wretched knot in your guts which is you missing Max will transform into this wonderful, warm, comfortable reminder of this dear fellow. Be well, celebrate, dance, and remember.


Hi guys,
I am glad that you can celebrate Max's life and how he touched yours!
A margarita for Max is definitely in order!

Be well. Find comfort and peace.. as Max has.


Godbye dear Max. So sad to read that you've gone,yet pleased that you are no longer in pain or overcome with nausea.

Best wishes to all his family and friends. I know that Max will live on in your cherished memories of him.

Tonight I raise a Margarita to Max.


David Sanborn

Mike and JoAnn,
I am overseas but checked every other day for important news. I am sorry to learn of Max passing. I will have a Margarita to toast Patty and his dad. Much Love -David


Raising a margarita to you in Chicago.

Goodnight, Max Brown.


Goodnight and good luck, Max - may everyone have people who love and care for them as much as you did. I toast you with the good tequila; take care.

Cynthia Kahn

Had a margarita for Max last night. Cynthia


Max you will be missed. I enjoyed the time we spent at Macon Tech. "Cheers" I raise my glass to you.


I don't know if I want to post something or not now that it's Margarita time. Saying nothing seems like a mistake, but then sometimes the words just don't come. Max was probably one of the pithiest little wordsmiths I have ever known -- personally or otherwise. (sorry, Shakespeare) But what I loved more was that he wasn't the kind of guy that just told you he cared about you. He showed you. He didn't wish you well, he sent you a care package. I wish there more people like him in that regard. But I guess that was what he was here for -- to entertain us with his witty words, while still reminding us it is your actions, not your words, that truly move others' souls. I know the irony of reading that in a blog is something Max would have laughed at. Here's to you, boy!


Mike and JoAnn,
Words just can't express my sorrow at Max's passing. I will always remeber his strength, courage and sense of humor. Thank you for keeping us posted and for sharing your own courage with us. Lynn Relyea


"No one's death comes to pass without making some impression, and those close to the deceased inherit part of the liberated soul and become richer in their humaness."
~Hermann Broch

May we all be so lucky as to inherit part of Max's soul. I know I am certainly richer for having known him. And now, a little Ethel and as Max used to say when we would walk into Old Navy with their perpetual gay-bar music: "Would someone please get me a damn cocktail?!" Love you Max.
The Princess

Mary Morris`

May God continue to bless you! I am pleased he loaned Max to us for a while...and that he shortened his suffering. Death is not an end but a bridge to better things.


Mary Morris`

May God continue to bless you! I am pleased he loaned Max to us for a while...and that he shortened his suffering. Death is not an end but a bridge to better things.



Max was a beautiful friend to have in my life the four years I lived in Tallahassee. Knwoing him is a gift I'll always treasure.

Here's a margarita to you, Max, my dear friend.


Darnell Kreuzer


I'll never forget the sound of your voice or laugh. You will never be forgotten. I look forward to seeing you again one day, when I too make the transition. I know we'll have as much fun there, as we did at ole Rogers Hall in Tally. Good bye Friend. I love You. Darnell

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