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September 12, 2005


Laura Jane Kuncaitis

Just wanted to let you know you are still in my thoughts daily. I know it is often said that WE (i.e., nurses) are the worst patients, but from Mike's description, it sounds as if you are doing us proud! Here's hoping & praying that they'll get your meds straightened out very soon. I am thankful for getting to know you as a student and then as a friend. God bless.
Laura Jane


Thanks for posting. They say you die how you live, and although I've only met Max through comments on eachother's blogs, I can bet he's had a fair bit of laughter in his life. Postive thoughts to all of you.

Kathy're doing just fine and dearest Max...your smile is my sun and I can hear your laughter!

Love you Max!

Keith Brown

As Max's birthday approaches, I thought I would share some birthday memories....
At his 24th birthday in Tallahassee, I had the pleasure of starting to get to know our beloved Max... and I presented him with his cherished Fee Fee Trixabell Poodle Mug... I'm not sure it still exists, but its memory lives on

On his 30th, we had a big party in Orlando in which everyone wore black, except of course the consumate virgin Max, who was a vision of lovliness in her all-white get-up.

While I was not personally present for his 40th, Mitch and I had great laughs at Max's expense...wondering how many times we were still going to have to hear that he'd been carded for cigarettes.

Hope you're out of the damn hospital to be at home with your two moms and Mike for your DAY, and I wish all your sisters could be there too.

Give Budah a kick for me.



Max, we are all thinking of you in the MSO, and when we are not, Sherri will be. Hope she has given you a couple of laughs.

Terry Wilkins

I was so relieved to see the posting today. I knew things had to be bad when there was no posting for a week or so. Thanks, Mike for keeping us up to date and calming me down a bit by it. The comments today reminded me of a few years ago when Max was living in GA and he told me he was going to have a toga party. I know it would have been a blast! Did it ever materialize and I just didn't get my invitation??....... My toughts and prayers are with you daily.

Love, Terry


I think we should make you a t-shirt that says "I don't have time for all this - just give me the good drugs!" Hmmm... Anyway, I hope you're home soon, and more comfortable.


Happy Thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Mike and Max!

For some reason your joke about poppies reminded me of that scene with the Wicked Witch and her monkey henchmen from the Wizard of Oz-- can almost hear her cackling and saying: "Poppies! Poppies! Poppies..."

Hope you're back on your feet quickly so that you can enjoy your birthday!



Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you today!


You're in my thoughts every day Max.


Thanks for posting. I've been thinking of Max all weekend. Hope the meds are soon sorted and you all get to spend good times at home.



Glad to hear some more info on you I wish I could be there.Uncle Bill and Aunt Jan visited & our spirit is with you. My favorite joke from your dad was about the blind skunk that fell in love with a fart. Get back home soon Love cousin Laurie M


yay! He's back. Still missing you here in NC and may I just remind Mr. Keith Brown that you have not had your 30th birthday yet. In fact, since my last bday I am now officially four years older than you.....whatever your age and condition, you and I both know YFHAS.


Dear Max. You are in my thoughts and prayers always. God Bless you. Your co-worker and friend, Jane


I love you Maxi-Pad!! He he. Guess who? And best wishes to the only person who could keep me amazed with how to complete a scoobie-doobie on the whoobie-doobie - you know what I mean... I will definately be teaching that one to our little one as well as the bubble blowing techniques you tought me at a young age. Keep your spirits up Max in the fashion only a Brown can do! I miss you and hope to see you soon. Love ya, Amy

Cousin Donnie

Hey Max,
If the human doc's can't relieve your pain let me know. I will send you some veterinary analgesics. The only downside is that you will have an affinity for fire hydrants. LOL. Sounds like you have some very caring people treating you. You are in my thoughts every day. Donnie

David Sanborn

Aren't we invading countries for poppies, or was that oil? Can't keep my crisis straight..... If it helps Paddy then get the poppy production up! 30th, again, so soon.... Damn, You just has a 30th 12 years ago. Ahh the memories. Now Grace is there to!!! Do you remember the B-line diner in Orlando & smashing the ashtray on the ground!!! We hauled our buts out of there. If there is one testimony I can give (I need an AMEN here) is the Brown family ALWAYS knows how to laugh & have a good time. You are a great family and are very warm & inviting to the extended family. By the way, I no longer have any free passes to Disney (sorry Amy, I know there's kids on the way)..... Life changes... Thanks for the update Mike!


Max, I ran across a website that is right up your alley. This sarcastic, spoof website makes fun of all things political and comical here in good ol' Macon, Georgia. I especially like the one about Mark Ballard, The Artist, shortening his name to The. LOL!


Damn it. I thought god made poppies to make Dorothy go to sleep! And to make California all glowey and yellow! I can see that *I'm* getting the short end of the stick.

MWAH! :)


Howdy, Max! If you want to hear more about Mike's evil sarcasm/mind games, ask him about the anus story. (He's gonna hate me for that, but you'll laugh)

Glad you're getting better drugs and getting waited on hand and foot - it's how it should be.

Thinking of you,


Hey, Max. I was driving by our old apartment building on Cherry Street the other day and thought about you and all the good times we had there. I can still hear your cat rolling his toys across the wood floors directly above my bedroom! Of all the apartments I've lived in (and there were many), that's the only one I miss, and a lot of that is because I had such a fun neighbor.
Hope this day is a good one for you.


Max. I so enjoyed our visit today. I didn't want to leave. I wish you strength and peace. You inspire me with your easy going ways and sense of humor. You've become very special to me in the short time I've known you. I feel so blessed that you are part of our H.R. team. I'll see you soon my friend. Jane P.S. Thanks for the rag mags!!


Thanks to Mike to updating the blog for us. I DO know that nod and smile.

I'm thinking of you in Chicago.


Max - I hope you are able to review your blog today and get this big birthday wish from your little sister!! I know you would never admit your real age and I always found it quite funny how we just kept getting closer and closer in age through the years. But heres hoping you have a good day. I love you and miss you and hope to see you soon!. Love AJ

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