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September 30, 2005



Hey, Max, I understand your desire for more medicine. I just got out of the hospital from having a collapsed lung and a chest tube. I was at a point where I didn't care if I was conscious...just pain free.
I prayed for help...God is funny...He took my mind off the chest pain by giving me the worst case of hemmoroids in the world. I litterally thought the bottom of life was dropping out.
By letting my thoughts go south I stopped concentrating on my chest pain and at the end of 6 days they were able to remove the chest tube. Oh, ya, I'm still in pain but it's getting better every day. The south end is also much better, thanks to sits baths.
This is all so personal for a 64 year old woman to be sharing with a young fellow like you... but what I really want to tell you is the words I litterally stood on through those first few days when I couldn't get my breath.
Jeremiah 15:21 And I will deliver thee out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem thee thee out of the hand of the terrible.
Believe, Max, Believe! We have a lunch date in less than six months.
love Jo


Who are you kidding??? - you've always been loopy! Deliciously loopy, crazy-intelligent, comically-keen, and hilariousy insightful, which is why most of the western hemisphere tunes into your blog-o-phonic perspective on pain medications, orange candy-induced naseua, and Rick Santorum.

Sarah HB

I hope you got some sleep or more drugs!


Hey there Maximillian,
I just read some of your blog. You are too funny. I can just hear your voice while you're typing away. Don't suppose you've been watching any FSU football lately? We beat the Hurricanes, finally. We had so much fun at all our home games. I'm so glad we took so many pictures back then. We all were so skinny! You will always be my favorite hair dresser. LOL I love you and always have. You are in my prayers,,,ok I'll even pray for you to get the really good drugs. Hope I made you smile.


Max, just checked in at your knitting blog after too long of an absence and found that you're here now. So here I am too. I'm thinking about you.

i dont give a flyin about sports anymore love uncle bob


Go for it, Max!

laurie M

Max, just concentrate on being comfortable as possible. Pain killers are for everyone, some just dont know it yet. I would have rather had you read a book called Where there is life there is hope, and God decides our fate not Doctors. Love Cousin Laurie M

Bonnie (Boy George Girl)

Mary Jane...Mary Jane....roll her up.


I'm sending positive thoughts your way Max.


Hey Max...I have to concur...with or without drugs you've always been loopy...the good kind of course! It's one of the many things I love about you. Hang in there who ha, you've got lots of prayers coming your way!


I am glad you have Hospice!


I am glad you have Hospice!


so we're playing "old games" of the past are we? I hope you've got your pain killers handy, missy 'cause it's time for The Snatch Game. The rules are simple. Take a famous title of book, movie, whatever, even a line from said books or movies, and replace one key word with the vile derogative of female anatomy. I know moms read this blog, but hey, why pretend we aren't twisted offspring. Some of my favorites from that night of silliness was "For whom the snatch tolls, it tolls for thee . . . " and "Gone with The Snatch" vs. "Snatch with the Wind"

More current updates could include Snatching Neverland, The Whole Ten Snatches, and Tim Burton's Corpse Snatch.

Okay, it's one of the more baser occupations of time one could look for, but I remember laughing for hours over coming up with the most perverse titles. Games of wit have always been your specialty dearie. Keep laughing.

Oh, and remember, my dream man has always been a hydrocephalic dwarf with no teeth.


Dear Don~
You're scarier and better than I remember.
Love, April
PS~Max, he is right. You are the Master of Wit, even if you do cheat on Boggle....


Get the drugs - it's why god made poppies!


Max, you cheat at Boggle!?! Unbelievable! Scrabble, I can see...but Boggle?

Keep the pain killers flowing!

xoxox, diane

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