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September 04, 2005



Oh my favorite who ha, I'm so glad you have family around. I do so wish I could take the pain away, and I do so admire that through it all you find some humor. You've always made me smile and I thank you for that. And I appreciate all your words of encouragement and the lessons you've taught us. Love you Max!


oh max, there is so much love here for you, and we thank the universe for your mom&mike and drugs. xoxoxo


Lots of thoughts, hopefully not too long to read:

Regarding knowing the day of the week...I recently saw a British sketch comedy show, "Little Britain" in which a frumpy adult daughter (man in drag) was attempting to get her hospitalized, but quickly-recovering mum shipped off to a nursing home. When asked the day of the week, Mum responded correctly that it was Tuesday. The daughter quickly turned to the doc and said, "Yeah, but she thinks it's last Tuesday."

Regarding drugs: paper, powder, pills? ;-)

Finally, my deep thoughts:
I'm really really sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. I'm sure it eclipses dealing with almost everything else. But in thinking about your question of "why?," (a previous post) who knows if there's ever a reason for pain, suffering or death. What I do know is that there are a lot of us who can attest for the meaning of your LIFE. I think of you as a good friend and a role model, twisted as you may be ;-). We've had great laughs and as a result of knowing you, I have lots of stories that I'll be telling for a long time. And since in the big picture of your life I've really just played a small role, just imagine the impact you've had on those who've known you better and longer. I guess it makes me think one of my favorite movies, "It's a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart. I love when he gets the opportunity to see how different the world would have been if he had never been around. Who knows, if I had never met you I might not even have any eyebrows any more, if you know what I mean & I think you do. hahaha

Stay strong.





I'm so sorry to hear about the hell you've been going through the past couple weeks. I have been praying for you and Mike and your mom, as I know this is hard for them too. It was so good to hear from you the other day, just before this started apparently. It made my whole day to hear your voice. Sorry I haven't written again sooner, but I've been sick (a rarity for me, and nothing compared to what you're going through) and haven't managed to do anything but the bare necessities. Love to you.

Mary Ott Hilton

Hey, MP,
Just a quick note that in my experience...Thursday is a much better day of the week then Sunday...think Pleasure Island? Although I do remember tipping around a bit with you on some Sundays at Pass-a-Grille...althoguh if my memory serves me corrctly...there was puking involved all along I-4 after one momentous occasion..beware of the Sangria..! Anyway, what kind of shopping doyou have available? Do you need some new skeins?


Hi Max, you enticed me with your knitting and kitchen re-do, you hooked me with your life and death thriller, and now you throw shopping into the mix. It can't get any more exciting than this :-)

Wishing you some smoother days ahead.



Hey max, laughter IS the best medicine. Over a year ago they gave me two months to live. I did just what you are doing: I made fun of the whole thing. Planned all the funny things the family could do with my ashes etc. Then, I gave all my stuff away...That was such a load off my mind and I was laughing everyday because I didn't have to take care of that junk anymore.. Then I got bored with dying and decided to live. Ya, I spent some nasty, sick, painful days...then I fired all the *#@** doctors and started's weird all the stages you go through. Now here I am planning my future for the next 29 years...just finished my first novel and plan on writing at least 5 more..then I figure at 93 I'll die in my sleep with a good looking guy next to me. Anyway, keep laughing! I got you hooked up to my prayer line and I know that you are as tough as I am! Randolph Scott (a movie star you're to young to remember) said "Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see." So don't believe all that the doctor's tell you. Believe in what you want to believe in and you'll find a much better world.
love Jo..a friend of your moms


Someone needs a good smacking around for screwing up your medications...

Bonnie (Boy George Girl)

Max, I'm glad that the drugs are working. Thank God for pills! Happy dreams in la-la land.


Hey there - just wanted to say hi and let you know that Sage and I think about you all the time. We love you Max - hang in there as best you can.


Max. Doctors really cant scientificaly prove or disprove what actually causes or explains cancer. There are a lot of grey ares they cant comment on.We know of people that have been carrung aroud 50 0r 65 tumors in their bellies for over 20 years and are stll going going dont embrace this thing. WEre not giving were not givig uo so you should.t either. up you and a youshouldnt either. Love cousin Laurie M

Jennifer Ford

OH Max--I am so glad that the meds are kicking in, but I am so sorry that you had to go through your umpteenth version of hell to get here. I always rant and rave about people's inability to just do their jobs--but this takes it to an all new level. The movie "Trainspotting" shouldn't be required viewing for dealing with cancer. I think about you every day and keep sending you positive vibes--JGF


Just thinking of you right now....


Hey Max.

Keeping your in my thougts.


If I'm reading this on Thursday, can we call it even? :)

Marilyn Bourdow

Hi Max. Just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers every day even if we don't send a message. Hope your pancreatic problem is better now so you can start your chemo. We are rooting for you here in Dayton. Love ya lots! Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Norrie

Amy B.


CURSES! DS (of NVHSLG) just informed me of the latest (using initials to protect the innocent, as you've put it - but what if you don't know who the heck DS is? I hope I'm leaving enough clues. Hee hee) and I just wanted to pay a virtual visit to let you know that I am thinking of you. I can see you've taken the expression "He who laughs...lasts." to heart. Keep up the good work! : )


Hi Max,

Darlene reporting in....

When I received your e mail I was blown away.... I am now just recovering from having a cancer metastases brain tumor removed from my head. Now that was lots of fun...That was my second time with the C word. First time I had it was over 5 years ago. I try not to use the full word because I don't want to give IT too much power. It’s a funny thing the C word. It’s like the big pink elephant that no one wants to talk about. If you want to talk I’m here.

My hope and wishes for you, is that you just BELIEVE….. Believe in all that is good, believe that you can beat this thing, believe that you will go down fighting, believe that you are loved, believe that every life touches another. Believe that your life is one big beautiful tapestry, with all the people who you have come in contact with. All woven together to make the one Beautiful work of art. Keep the faith...



Hi sweetheart ! Hope you're drugs have kicked in and the pain is not so bad.


Darlene M.

Hey Max,
Been following your blog and think of you often in my prayers and often in my daily routine. I haven't been able to come up with any profound thoughts or word of wisdom...Nothing witty to say, Just that I care and want you to know that. Hang in there. Wish I could help you. Dar

Carol Murray

Hello Max,

Just a quick note to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. It is wonderful to see all the support that you have.
Love & friendship, Carol

jo Schmidt

MAX, Maybe your not reading these messages anymore...but I want to say this in case you are...God is bigger than cancer. God is bigger than anything.
Lazarus was dead for four days and stinking by the time Jesus brought him back to life. You will come back to life, also!
I'm not giving up on my life, Max, and I ain't giving up on yours, either. Maybe we've never met but through your mother you've burrowed into my heart and I ain't letting you go to leave a big empty hole.
The bible says that every person is allowed 70 years... (anything after that is gravy.) So don't let that bastard Satan steal the rest of your years. That's like about 30 years if I'm not mistaken.
Think of how much good you can do for others in the next 30 years. You owe it to those who will need you in the future. They may be strangers right now... but when someting happens you need to be there to change the course of many lives.
As a nurse you have so much to offer...but I don't believe that will be your final field. I think God has something much greater for you.
Fight! It's hard...I've been fighting for my life for over a year now so I know how hard it is...
But, we will win, MAX! We WILL win! Because GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN US than he that is in the world. I believe in you.
If you can grab a vision, God will give you the pro-vision. You just have to believe like a Charlie in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story. If you don't know that story, have your mom read it to you. You have to be like Charlie.
I expect to see you in Michigan within six months. In much better health, and eating again...I'll even spring for lunch.
love jo

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