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September 20, 2005


jane velarde

Max. Glad to hear you are home where you want to be. . and where your heart is. Also glad to hear you are getting the good care you so deserve. I think of you everyday and still have the flower you gave me sitting in my office window. Sorry I missed you at Target where I go just about every weekend for "stuff". Maybe next weekend? Hugs, Jane


LOL! Mike, you're going to have to get a new license! Max, does that thing come with a seatbelt? Give those self serving oblivious b*stards an hearful! Hope you have a happy birthday.


I have to agree hospice care is wonderful; the nurses not only took care of my mom, but us too.

Your Target adventures remind me of that movie where they got points for running over people... or the Blues Brothers driving through the mall!

Keith Brown

Glad you're home Max...and that "drink" that Mike was talking about.... I'm sure it wasn't a cocktail..right?

Wish I was there. Mitch and I are having drinks in your name in just a few minutes...although I must admit that I could never drink as much as you. Mitch's car got stolen today, so I'll be comforting him a bit.


I doubt he can have the carbonation now, but the true Max's drink would be the largest Diet Coke (Svelteteen) available. Or as they were called in Macon at the local convenience store, a "flash flood." I wish I was there to help steer and add to commentary. Max and I shopping together is always something to behold. Love you both!



Keep your humor. Been thinkin' about you a lot. I hope you benefit from all your friends' positive thoughts.

Hang in there.


Susan Reis

Hey Max,
Glad to hear you're getting around and about in the new wheels. I got to speak with your sis, Amy. She seems like a great lady.
I loved the nurse comment about "Rub my back" LOL. Miss you bunches, Susan


First things first, I just have to thank you for my hug as you were leaving on Thursday, it was the best hug ever. And for your comment, you made my day! If you don't remember (due to the meds they had given you for the ride), I'll have to whisper it to you some day! ;o) --I'm so glad to hear that you were able to get out and shop. I can relate to your wheelchair incident. With three kids I have to use those carts with extra kids seats. They are so hard to maneuver - I am always running over people's feet or bumping into them because I don't realize how far it sticks out in front. At least it keeps the shopping eventful! --Anyway, I think of you everyday and miss you. I have to tell you I have been horrible at my daily newspaper job. By the time I remember, it's lunch time and I have to go retrieve them from the trash can out front - you certainly spoiled me!! Mike & JoAnn, thank you for keeping us updated and for loving and caring for Max. My thoughts and prayers to you all.
Hugs, Kela


Hi Max, I had the opportunity for four month bouts of nausea three times in my life. I found apples helped me. Peeled were a little easier on the stomach.

When shopping in a wheel chair, beware of being bonked on the head by large purses. I remember that from wheeling my f-i-l around.

Peace and comfort to you!

Terry Wilkins

It was good to hear from you, through Mike's posting and I'm so glad that you are out of the hospital. Isn't it true about nurses being the worst patients! I know I suck at the patient role. Thank God that I haven't had to be in it too much in my life (so far). I am going in for out-patient surgery on Friday and will be thinking of you and your antics when I'm there. Funny, I was taking out isles, etc at Target just Friday evening, but my only excuse was 3 gin and tonics. It was fun though...A bit of good, no, GREAT news from my world. Holly had her baby on Monday. A beautiful baby girl named Hope Elizabeth Evelyn Gilmore. She was 7#13 oz and 21 inches long. I was there for the delivery and both mother and baby are doing great. Holly and crew are travelling up to WR this weekend to have the baby baptized on Sunday. Her birth on Monday reminded me of the (something, the word escapes me now) of life. Monday, the 19th which is now the birthday of my newest grandchild was also the day that Jeff Mestler died. I always feel a bit melancholy on that day, so it was wonderful to have a bit of joy too. I know you understand. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Mike and JoAnn daily. Clyde, Jake and Holly all send their best wishes to you as well. They ask about you often.

Love and friendship,

Cynthia Kahn

Cement Trucks and other things.

Hi Max, I'm grateful to be able to check out this website and get updates on your life. Glad you're home.

You'll get a chuckle out of my commute this morning to the hospital. A long, construction truck carrying bags of cement toppled over at the entrance to my apartment complex. No transportation, including the streetcar I ride to work could get by. Had to walk most of the way to work, and was about 30 minutes late. My boss, fortunately, was very understanding. Do you think I can use toppled cement trucks as an excuse for being tardy again?

Mary Ott Hilton

True troopers. Shopping, wheelchairs, what next? i see a movie, Antonio Banderas..Matt Damon...Now come on...Target? Michael's? Are you still quilting?

Be well! Put on some disco or trance, paint your nails. And don't sing. Dance!


Hey, Max. Nice to see you're still riding with a capable driver. Remember when we almost trashed the Chevette doing donuts in the snow between the high school and middle school? (Don't tell Mom! Oh, what the heck...that was over 20 years ago...she'll forgive us!)

I pray for you often! See ya in a couple of days.

Jennifer Ford

Hey Max!

Glad you are home where you belong. I think about you every day and hope that somehow, someway that day might bring you a little comfort. Thanks Mike for the important "life reminders" --it is important to take care of your business while you can. As I am a rather independant-minded woman(I am sure that other family members have a different name for it) it drives me insane to think of someone else deciding what or who was important to me in the end. Have a good day -- and here's to many more shopping trips in the future!

Helene Murray

Dear Max and Mike;
It has taken me a while to add to your blog. Words were hard to come by. But I want you to know you are both in my thoughts and prayers.
Grace and I have been very good friends since High School. We have been through good times and bad times together. Helped each other through divorce and helped each other find the great guys we each found and married. We watched our children grow. Max, your friendship with my daughter Carol has meant alot to her. I think my other daughters, Jenny and Juli, were a bit older than you but Carol found a friendship in you that she tried to hold on to over the years even though it was mostly through e-mail. And then after Grace and I had remarried and inherited more kids each, we both gave birth to daughters from our "new" husbands. My daughter Katie is now 27 years old. Grace and I both found really nice guys to love (after dumping bad guys). Your Dad was one of my very favorite people. Grace and I met him while he was in a band at a club in Sag. I guess you could say I helped her date him. I think you met my husband Dave at your Dad's funeral. Your Dad liked Dave alot and of course that made me feel really good. We always had such a good time with both of them. I try to see Grace at least once a year now and her and I know we will always be close.
And see I am at a loss for words so I decided to talk about things other than things we all find hard to face. I know you are in such good hands and what more can you ask for. If there is no cure, let peace be with you.

David Sanborn

Mike, i thought you could drive. W/a backseat driver like Max, I know how tough it can be.... For Gods sake, I thik he only knocked over the bad displays anyhow... Max can be very discerning....
Love ya both... David Sanborn


you know, it may seem trite, but I'm glad I did the will thing long ago while I was still in my 20s. I casually asked my dad (former judge) one day what would happen if I died. Single, no kids: goes to your surviving biological parents, then your siblings if no parents. So you and Mom would have to get together and go through my stuff together? For those not in the know, it was beyond a bitter divorce -- it was 20 years of psychological warfare. he drew up a will to my specifications in a week. It's easy. Just think long-term. I specified my siblings split it 50-50 and their spouses have no entitlement to anything. if one of them is dead, their children get their half. I didn't have anything, but I doubt i'll change that will in my lifetime. Possibly if I "settle down" but I doubt it. Glad you mentioned it mike.


As to the mention of Max in a wheelchair, I do have this to pass along. Although not there, I certainly am able to picture Monsieur Brown in his ambulatory settee taking in his surroundings with the regal air normally reserved for the Orange Bowl queen. Although lost on many of you, I know Max remembers that fateful night in Ft. Lauderdale so many years ago – the Copa I believe – when he and another certain someone who shall remain nameless turned to stunned onlookers gaping at my uncomely posture due to the early onset of acute alcohol poisoning and quickly began telling them “Don’t worry, she’s the Orange Bowl Queen, she keeps bending over because she’s lost her orb and scepter!” As it was nearly New Year’s, I was apparently already on a holiday bender that would eventually lead to the loss of my tiara as well. But that is another story.

I also remember that it was Max who taught me so much about regal splendor and how to view all others who happened into your life with the quiet respect of titled nobility passing through a receiving line. The wheelchair adds a certain “Queen Mum-like” quality to Max’s regal demeanor when passing through life’s reviewing stand. I can almost see the hand-knitted blanket tastefully tucked around his legs to keep out the chill. Hey, I know it’s September, but even the ill suffer for fashion!

I guess the trip to Michael’s was to update the genuine faux jewel collection for encrusting the crown jewels?

We’re just passing through anyway, might as well do it like it's a royal receiving line.


Don wins the best comment for this entry award. Remember, Max, "shoulders back!", an admonition I will never forget. Love, love, love you.


Your adventures in Target sound like something out of Grand Theft Auto, Mike! Were you and Max keeping score?

Thanks for keeping us posted! Please give Max a big hug for me!

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