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September 02, 2005


Sarah HB

I hope Max comes through this round of "junk" well enough to start chemo!

Keep up the wicked humor.

jane velarde

Max - you are on my mind 24-7. I send you positive thoughts, prayers and strength. Hugs, Jane


Hi Max & Co. !
You'd be surprised to know how often I think of you through the day.

Mary Ott Hilton

My dear Max, (I do know how to use a computer.) Hope your mother is still the fabulous lady I met in Orlando. I am STILL a diva and aging quite gracefully. Still no grey OR wrinkles for me. My new years resolution was to resist plastic surgery for another year. So far so good. as you know, I have been asked to serve our country here in the midwest. Kansas City Area, Lee's Summit, MO to be exact. Cows, Pigs, and corn galore. Did you know that I am a huge fan of pork and cheeze. No room for your favorite saying..."strew my hatch with blood." There are no chickens here. Well, must practice some lip synching as I have a show tonight...want an 8x10 glossy?

ann peeples

Hey bud!
Knew there had to be a reason you went into a health profession! To tell the docs how to deal!
Always thought I'd head on out first....but what do we know, huh? My computer is on the must type fast...hope you take all the pain meds....insist on it!
Love and constant prayers sweetie....

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