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August 30, 2005



I've been revisiting some of the blogs I've read in the past, but for some reason haven't visited in a while...and I'm floored. I wish you well on your journed to whatever is "next". I only hope it's not as uncomfortable as it has

Bonnie (Boy George Girl)

Hi again Max! I'm so thankful that you are feeling a little bit better. I guess some of those God-pestering prayers are working. God's ears are quite tired, I'm sure. But He hasn't heard the last of me yet. Tee hee!

Here's another cyber hug for you! I hope everything goes well for you with the chemo.

Keith Brown

Glad it's a little better. Glad you're not gonna loose your hair...although, for as much shit as you've given me in the past about being bald.... I wish that your "Big C" would loop around and turn into a "Big O"... we all need more of those. Keep your spirits up. I was confused about people thinking you were all about buttoned down starched shirts...seems like I remember you NEVER even ironing a shirt...and more times than others picking your work clothes up off your bedroom floor from one of the many piles. Funny how life changes!

Love, Keith


Max, I've been wanting to comment for a while and am afraid of saying something sappy and maudlin and just generally unhelpful. I feel for you, and I appreciate you taking the time to write about your experience - as a hospice volunteer, I often meet people when they're not in any condition to talk about what's happened up until the point we meet, and while we're together, it's not really the time for me to ask questions. It's about what the person I'm with needs, not my curiosity or desire to know more about them.

So, thanks, and after an anti-maudlin fashion, here is my favorite joke: "Two psychic friends walk into each other on the street. One says to the other, "You're fine. How'm I doin'?"

Jennifer Ford

Iron a shirt? Isn't that a conservative/republican thing to do--I mean have their wive's do????? I was so glad to read this post from you as you sound a lot stronger and not as miserable as the other day. I want you to stay standing on that corner as long as possible--HMMM That really doesn't sound OK--What I mean to say is that I want you to turn the corner to see the leaves change and it sounds like you are on the move! I hope tomorrow is a piece of cake! JGF


Sorry for this, but until I get the hang of this for Max. I am just adding a quick update here.

Max is back in the hospital for some pancreas issues. He should be home by the weekend. The Chemo is on hold until we clear this hurdle. JoAnn has been a true sport through her first hospital experience. Some of you know the humor (at least now it is humorous) in Max and the hospital. JoAnn was not quite prepared for the Max and his nursing expertise. His quick talking with the doctors and nurses left poor JoAnn in the dust--and some "misunderstanding" as Jack, Terry, and Matt got the multiple phone calls. I think she will excel next time! Gotta find some humor in all this.
Max was on some good stuff for pain last night. He managed to tell me how his day was 3 times and to go pick JoAnn up at the airport (she had just left the room!).
Keep Max in your prayers, he really enjoys the comments you leave here.


Hey Max...happy September. The leaves should begin turning soon and my wish is that you shall see the brilliance of the colors. I had a dream about you last night (guess that means you're really stuck in my brain, huh?). In it, you were patiently trying to help me knit a sweater, but since I suck at knitting, it wasn't going well. One must know one's weak points, and complex knitting patterns just ain't in me. But I did manage to complete several of those cotton dish clothes from the pattern you gave me. I actually thought I was pretty hot sh#@ finishing those off, and everyone on my Christmas list got one from me last year. I'm now working on a blanket for my baby granddaughter, using the same Chinese wave stitch. That I can handle. Hope to finish it before she's in kindergarten :-) Hang in, Max...your strength is an inspiration. My 2nd wish for you is a kind and gentle round of chemo. If such a thing exists, you certainly deserve it.



Just got word that you had this blog going, reminds me vaguely of the Soviet bioweapons researcher who accidently infected himself with the Marburg virus, but as a dedicated researcher kept meticulous notes for his colleagues on what was happening to him. ;->

I forced myself to return to the USA after spending two wonderful but hectic weeks without hearing the voice of the idiot Bush coming at me from various media sources.

Maybe I should have been lighting candles at the 7 (!) cathedrals and 2 churches we visited, but I think the money was probably better spent on all the beer, fish & chips, Cornish pasties, and donner kebabs we consumed along the way. Plus, those greedy @$#s wanted GBP 4.50 just to get in the church!! Not to mention the additional charge to take pictures.

I'm glad you're not going to lose you hair with the chemo - my father-in-law looked like Yoda (his ears stick way out and he has a sloping forehead) with all these little whisps. He took to wearing stocking caps and looked like an old, white, honkey rapper. At least you could get away with a bald head; women just end up wearing those awlful wigs. Gorgeous hair on an emaciated frame looks ridiculous. Someone should come up with a line of wigs with lanky, dull hair to match the rest of the person.
As for the gut, there's this great website for Axford Corsets, a company located in England that not only produces some really great women's corsets, but also has two models for "gentlemen."
Enough for now; you'll tire just reading all this. Hope you're hooked up to the "poison pot" soon. Love & Kisses.

Lynn Relyea

Hey Max,
Just thought I'd take a minute to let you know that I'm still pestering God on your behalf. I keep you in my thoughts.

Diane Iniguez

Hey Max, I have a photo of our scrabble board from a night in Tallahassee when you, Jim and I stayed up playing dirty Scrabble. If I can figure out how to scan it, I'll email it to you. Some of the creative words: FUQUM, UDIGBALLS, GROPT. I'm pretty sure alcohol might've been involved.

Keep Smiling when you can. Love, Diane


Hey Max:

Sorry about the glitch in your scheduling for chemo. I don't know if you are glad for the reprive or ticked cuz the ole pancreas decided to get its share of attention, just at this time!

I think about you quite often-feeling as helpless as the rest of your friends, but know that my thoughts and prayers are aimed at Virginia. Keep up your fighting spirit; you are an inspiration to all of us.


Bonnie (Boy George Girl)

(In Eric Cartman voice) Hey Max! I'm wishing you happah days and lots of cheezy poofs!

Mary Morris

Love and kisses from Georgia. I will be in DC in a month. Maybe I can bring you Georgia sunshine and grits. We are all thinking about you and including you in our prayers. Mary


I am also getting ready to start this long road of chemo and the pump, I am 66 and started to just say what the H? let me go. Then when I looked around at all the people trying to support me in this I just could not at least give it my all to the breaking point and I do feel I am not far from that. I have had the resection of the cecum and know it is in the liver so hopefully when we go on this next journey it will help bring some sign of hope.

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