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I am a 40 year old Medical Librarian living in Virginia recently diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer.
I have been very blessed with an abundance of friends and family the past forty years. As some of you already know, the emotional and physical toll just talking to people on the telephone explaining my condition was getting to be more than I could handle. I knew there was a better way....blogging.
It may seem strange or distasteful to blog "my transition", or the "leap into the unknown", or just plain "death"! But oh well, get over it! If you don't like it or find it to maudlin, [email protected]#$ OFF! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
It's my Death and I will blog it if I want to!!!!!!

I will specifically leave the form of cancer out of this public forum, and for good reason. I do not want every nut case wacko lunatic sending me miracle cures, or asking me questions about weather I have tried some new strange root they just found on the bottom of the ocean in the middle of Idaho. So please , If we discuss the type of cancer i have offline be kind and do not mention it while leaving comments on the blog.

I will try to post everyday, or Mike will, or possibly my Mother, JoAnn.

I figure this is the best way to keep you all informed. Just because I don't take every call it does not mean I do not love you and do not fully appreciate those who are thinking of me. This is the way I have to deal with things right now. I may feel differently in a few weeks. I do love you all for visiting and hope to hear from you regularly!