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I worked with a lady many years ago, her name was Orange (or ANN gee)! You could name your orange chicken with three fingers Orange!


duck a l'orange of course (in french)

General Ginger

Oh. my. goodness. about princess penguin head? That is one cool piece of abstract art!


i vote for l'orange cunard! So french, so chic, so cosmopolitan,!


Hi there- new reader here. I was thinking Algernon or Guindolyn, but my partner suggests the iBird, or Bulbous Q. Flighthouse III, and I don't want to ask him why...

Karen Heinig

Oh my. Not sure I have a name but that thing sure is interesting. tweet tweet. I love your idea to light it up from the inside.


Great Orange Speckled ... uh ... ??? bird? And why am I suddenly thinking of Sylvia Tyson?


how about Quackers?? lol


Name it... "Effluent".

It looks like a santorum fetish to me; perhaps an idol. "Santorum?"

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