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September 12, 2005


Carol Murray

Happy Birthday Max,
love & friendship, Carol




Happy Birthday, Max! Here's to smoked salmon and champers and a day of nothing but Ivory-Merchant pictures, Ethel Merman and Sandra Bernhardt! Love you always, The Princess

Bonnie (Boy George Girl)

Happy birthday! Sending hugs, smooches, and glitter and glam your way!

WMCC News Anchor

Max, the next WMCC News post will be for you.

WMCC News Anchor


Not a day goes by that I don't consider you and what you are dealing with. The grace you are showing is an inspiration to me. I don't believe that God chooses for anyone to have cancer, but he (she?, whatever) certainly seems to strengthen those who have it with character. ....and
I have always said you ARE a character. God knows you are loaded with all the good stuff! Still praying,


Happy Belated Birthday Max, from our whole tribe. Lots and lots of love, Diane



I had the coolest dream last night about you. I dreamed that you were well and that you came to visit us here at MSC.

jo schmidt

So glad to see activity on you blog again.
So glad you have so many friends that care...their energy will bring you through...and you WILL come through. I know this with all my heart and soul.
More than 40 years ago they told me my daughter Holly would never see her 20th birthday...that she would die of Muscular Dystrophy. I asked God for her life. She will be 48 in January...Granted she's in a wheel chair but it didn't stop her from graduating from college or getting married. She been married for almost 25 years, stays alone while her husband travels on his job and although she can't walk she doesn't let any grass grow under her feet. All her dystrophy friends that she went to camp with have died. But not my kid! Praise God! Your mom and I grew up on the East side of Saginaw and went to SHS. The KIDS from SHS are tough and we raised tough kids. So I know you are as tough as Holly. I know you will make it...I have asked God for your life as I know your mom and all your friends have done so, too.
So get better. Just believe.
I plan to take you out to lunch in less than six months.
Love jo

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